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Ever After High

I can not wait for these dolls! All i can say is, that i hope they won’t be as hard to get my hands on as Monster High dolls.

Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter

Okay, Mattel.  Take my wallet.  Really, how about I just re-direct my paychecks your way because you’re going to get the money anyways with this new Ever After High line.  Those crazy folks at Mattel, makers of the popular Monster High and Barbie lines, have launched their newest idea to the masses, Ever After High.  And honestly?  I think I love it!

While Monster High is a school for the sons and daughters of monsters, Ever After High houses the children of fairy tale characters.

At the moment, the main story seems to be centered around Apple White (Snow White’s daughter) and Raven Queen (daughter of the Evil Queen).  Apple White seems to be obsessed with playing out her story (ie: biting into a poisoned apple from Raven Queen, falling into an endless sleep, waking up from true love’s kiss, and living happily ever after)…

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